David Dobrzynski

Pawnshop Dobrzynski GmbH, Mannheim

As a pawnshop and jewellers we are dedicated to the mortgaging of valuable items and buying and selling precious metals. We regularly place adverts in newspapers and magazines, design window displays or advertise on trams.

It is important to us to be trusted and taken seriously by our customers. Conveying this message has always formed an important part of our advertising. 

We have been working with 3AM Design for 5 years and are pleased with the results of our collaboration. Thanks to 3AM’s professional help, we have been able to significantly enhance our sales message and “get across” our point in our adverts.

The design immediately catches the eye. It stands out distinctly from average designs and achieves the desired effect: Drawing as many customers’ attention as possible to our company and our identity as a family-run business.

There is no better design agency than 3AM when it comes to advertising and websites. How come? Working with them is fun and brings us the success we are looking for...

Logo development

Development of a word-image logo with the aim of communicating the family name “Dobrzynski” as a brand.

Klicke zum Zeigen


Conception, design and production of a website with the aim of presenting integrity and trust as well as the pawnshop’s range of services.


Adverts & Christmas cards

Conception, design and production of adverts for Ubi Bene and Jungsenioren magazine as well as Christmas cards



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