Hermann Mönig

Hermann Mönig
Managing director

Born 1962 in Hanhofen (Speyer). Lived in Hanhofen, Kiel, Mannheim and Caracas, Venezuela. Graduated in Agricultural Sciences from Kiel. Degree: Diplom-Agraringenieur (Agricultural Engineer). Employee at BASF (Marketing trainee programme for management trainees - second year at BASF, Caracas). Self-employed for the travel agency “Take a Break Tours“ and design agency “3AM Design“ in Caracas. Since 2009 at “3AM Design” in Mannheim. Speaks: German, English, Spanish.

Alexandre Mesquita

Alexandre Mesquita

Born 1964 in Mozambique. Lived in Mozambique, Portugal, Brazil, Venezuela and the USA. Studied Ocean Engineering at FIT, USA and design at the “Neumann” Design Institute in Caracas. Degree: Design. Designer at the children’s book publisher Ediciones Ekaré. Self-employed in Caracas: 3AM Design. Since 2009 at 3AM Design in Mannheim. Speaks: Portuguese, Spanish, English, German.

With more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, over 600,000 visits to our websites, all of which are listed on page 1 in the Google ranking for keywords provided by our customers, countless logos, flyers and brochures and a Mastermind network of over 200 professionals worldwide, we have a solid basis for achieving the best results for our customers and our customers' customers.

And that's how it all started 25 years ago. On a Sunday morning around 1:00 a. m., at the birthday party of a mutual friend in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas

Alex and I were part of Caracas’ art and design scene, we often saw each other around and made small talk. However, this time we struck up a conversation. A serious one, so to speak. What do you do, where do you work?

It turned out, Alex was working as a designer in a children’s book publisher and Hermann as a marketing trainee at BASF.

Marketing and design - that goes together! There’s more: Alex had excellent references as a designer, we were both well networked and both wanted to do something independent.

We quickly came to the conclusion that we could form a design agency. Alex, a confirmed member of the Venezuelan designer scene with excellent references and I, the typical foreign delegate of a German company.

We knew lots of company CEOs and “important” people, bringing our knowledge as an experienced designer and marketer. And so, there was nothing stopping us from forming our own design company!

The only thing missing was a suitable company name. We began brainstorming at exactly 3am and it ended within less than a minute: We had an idea, looked at the time again, were inspired and convinced that the world would change this morning: In celebration we named our new company “3AM”.

Such things happen when you are sufficiently inspired and perhaps also a little bit drunk. The next stage of our “now-we-will-appeal-to-and-delight-all-customers-with-our-knowledge” project had very little to do with inspiration. It was more to do with perspiration: Continuing to work in our “secure” jobs whilst forming a company on the side, securing and processing the first orders... Phew!

After a few years in Venezuela the desire to return to Germany increased. We were having a great time, were successful and could show plenty of experience - why shouldn’t that work in Germany too?

In 2009 we opened our agency in Mannheim.

However, life in Germany as a self-employed person is undoubtedly more difficult than as an expat in Venezuela: No “natural” network, no “natural” clients! It soon became apparent that despite all our experience the saying by Thomas Alva Edison would apply: Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

So, once again: Out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. Searching for new clients, obtaining orders and finding new professional partners to help us realise our goal of first-class quality: Photographers, copywriters and illustrators, marketing professionals and web developers...

Today we have everything we need to meet all of our customers’ requirements: Good design, excellent copywriting, fantastic illustrations, top-quality photos, web development at the highest level and people who help us to make your project a success!

3AM Design is small but great! The internet allows us to work with the best in the industry, locally, nationally and overseas. We work with businesses and freelancers who deliver the best results with their specialist skills, talent and efficiency, allowing us to keep our customers happy.

We live and work in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. Despite all of our internationality: As local “Monnemer” patriots we are your personal contact and responsible for your success..


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